in this time of robo-calls, political canvassing, mailings, long lines to cast a ballot and constant coverage on cable news we threw up our hands and ask…

Why Do We Need a President Anyway?

It wasn’t always a given that we’d have a single executive who has the power to make final decisions about the fate of our country.

Every four years, political frenzy seizes the nation for months building up to the presidential election. Often lost in the hoopla of the campaign trail, though, is the question of how it all began: Why do we have a president in the first place?

After a fizzled attempt to run the country through disparate committees in individual states did the creators of the United States Constitution decide at a historic convention in 1787 that there needed to be a strong national government with a leader on top.

But making the call to create the Presidency was not easy…

check out the whole story…


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