It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and along with the flood of chocolate and flowers, the pressure to have a date increases for single people. 

These weeks can get particularly hard if people become really pushy about setting you up with someone. Even if you’re not asking for their kind help.

Sometimes saying no to people that are pushing you to date is really hard, and can definitely test your patience.

To be honest, I find it really annoying when people don’t believe it’s possible for someone to be comfortably single.

The reasons why a person might choose to be single are very personal. Maybe they are recovering from a past relationship, maybe they want to wait until they really find someone they fancy or maybe they just really enjoy the pleasure of being with their lovely selves.

Whatever the reason is that you are single, you deserve to be treated with respect. If you are being pressured or bullied to date someone you don’t want to date, simply try to explain that you’re not comfortable to date right now, and that even though you appreciate the set up, you will let them know when your mind is at the right place.

You are totally entitled to choose when and most importantly who you want to date. Don’t give in to people’s attacks or harassment simply because you are afraid they will question your personal reasons. Those are yours to own, and only yours.

Stay true to yourself, you are the best date you could ever have.



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