Poetically Profound’s Stay Today


This future neutered
My past unable to find a potential suitor
Yet my presence
Shining through as my own ruler
The enemy is incognito
But knows not of cognitive worth
I’ve been conscious since birth
Find myself fetal
Upon being thrust to this earth
Spiritual residual
But I’m literally hurt
Either conceived to die or born to live
An unabridged excerpt
But between blurred lines
And worn out spines
I have something to say
I just need to be opened
Softly spoken
Caressed page after page
Sure, there’s darkness and there’s despair
Times I’ve been broken, times I’ve been scared
But in the absence of fear, there is faith
A sanctuary of an embrace
And authors
Write the solemn
Out of their pens
To be read
So others can know it
Know that they aren’t alone nor has every word been spent
Not yet…
And the poems that spill from your face
Will forever have a place
Between then and now
Between tomorrow and yesterday
Until all the ink runs out
Until we have nothing more to say
When you have finally found
Less reasons to go than to stay


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