Sun And Moon

Sorry that I haven’t been around. I’ve had a bit of a block… (I blame college.)
Ideas came but I couldn’t make them materialise on paper or through my keyboard. :/

Read along if you wish:

Sun wants to run his fingers
Through Moon’s hair
And play with the stars he
Is sure to find there
But fears, in his excitement,
His breath will scorch
Her pearl face and mar its beauty
And so settles as her torch.

Moon is scared that her bruised
Face is seen each night
By Sun when his rays spotlight her
Skin and she blushes bright,
But she’s reassured, every time,
When Sun’s dawn arrives,
Shortly followed by his rise and he
Steals a glimpse – Moon’s pleasant surprise.

Sun speaks in boisterous waves
Of heat that traverse space,
Simmering down to quiet surges
That caress Moon’s face,
Whereas Moon remains silent,
Reflecting Sun’s light back
To him, carried on cosmic rays
With her lunar love intact.

Distance does not break their
Connection, it strengthens
What nearness does not allow
– the pull as time apart lengthens –
But when Sun, Moon, and Earth
Align, all that Sun has to give
Is jealously basked in by Moon as Earth
Experiences a solar eclipse.


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