problems for sustainable farmers

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Just about every town in America has a farmers’ market, so maybe you’ve been to one and can appreciate their value. But what many of us do not realize is just what our local farmers go through to bring healthy food to our tables. Sustainable farms, or sustainable agriculture, do not rely on government subsidies, monoculture, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and mechanization to sustain their crops and animals. Sustainable farmers utilize farming techniques such as low-input, organic, bio-dynamic and free-range, just to name a few.

These farmers are focused on natural farming practices which embrace the earth’s natural ecological processes by:

  • Minimizing the use of tilling and water usage.
  • Planting various different crops each year and allowing livestock to graze, which promotes soil that is naturally healthy.
  • Nurturing natural organisms which help to control any crop-destroying pests without the use of harmful pesticides.

You should know that shopping…

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